Siskiyou Introduce Crossed Roller Bearing Linear Stages

Source:Novus Light Technologies Today - Author: - Time:16/04/20

    A new series of crossed roller bearing linear stages from Siskiyou are the thinnest currently available on the market, the company reports. This makes 50.5cr stages the ideal choice for space or weight constrained applications which still require the high stability, precise movement and relatively high load capacity characteristic of crossed roller bearings. In addition, these stages feature a non-influencing foil lock mechanism; this is a screw that tightens down to clamp the stage in a fixed position, without changing its existing position. 

    Siskiyou 50.5cr stages offer 0.5" (12 mm) of linear travel, and have a mounting platform size of 1.3" x 1.3" (33 mm x 33 mm). They are compatible with both manual and motorized actuators from Siskiyou, including 80 TPI and 100 TPI pitch screws, an ultra-high resolution differential micrometer, and the company''s 512 series motorized actuators. Two 50.5cr stages can be mounted at right angles for XY motion, and a bracket is available to enable an XYZ adjustment configuration. A vacuum compatible version of the stage is also available upon request. 

    Siskiyou 50.5cr stages are primarily intended for high precision adjustment uses in which stage height or weight must be minimized. These include microscope applications, intracavity adjustments in lasers, and incorporation within medical devices.
    (Novus Light Technologies Today)